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ICE CREAM ( matte set ) 

Do you know someone who doesn't love ice cream? Tasty, cool, creamy..and this light vanilla note! But how it impacts on our figure? We found the solution! You can taste our ice cream as much as you like! Pamper your body with our milk shade. This dessert will make you feel better. Proved!


Material - biflex, lycra.

The biflex fabric has the ability to stretch. It is resistant to creasing, well removes moisture and in hot weather does not attract heat. Products made of this material fit snugly to the body, and this stress all petite. In its material texture silky and pleasant to the touch. Due to the presence of Lycra fibers, elastane and microfiber material is stretched in all directions, but it retains the ability to not turn into a shapeless thing.


Items will be made within 7 working days of the item being paid for.


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