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About JIA

JIA atelier began its journey 6 years ago, and still continues to bring beauty into this world and tries to give it to every girl in different parts of the world. In each of our collections you can recognize yourself, discover yourself and accept. Without female beauty, the aesthetics of the female body in any of its forms, our ability to feel beautiful and be beautiful, this brand would not exist.

The concept of the brand consists of two female faces.
JIA reveals the subtleties of female features, which include sexuality, femininity and inner energy.
JIA - inherent two sides - the so-called facets of the female.
One of them is:
Jane is a seductive, seductive, unavailable, sharp, sexy woman who always takes what she wants.
Air is a light, airy, fragile, fast, energetic girl who is always in shape, knows what she wants, and confidently goes to her goal.
Together they are like Yin and Yang - without each other they can not exist, one complements the other.
We create new and are able to create thanks to you and only you.
Any of our collections can accurately reflect and convey the mood of each girl. Today you can be playful and flirtatious like the image of the BURLESQUE collection, and tomorrow you will be the queen of sophistication and sophistication as the heroine of the PEARLS collection. You can break stereotypes, break down boundaries, be yourself in spite of anyone or anything, you can wear a set of bright orange and forget about the opinion of others. And all this with the help of the FEMINISM collection. You can start your day with a gentle and easy set of Monday 10 AM and end your Monday with a sensual and seductive Monday 11 PM from the WEEKDAYS collection.
Every color, every detail - turns our underwear into something extravagant, new, unique and desirable!
Inspired by Paris, Bali, New York and their completely different spirit, the JIA atelier collections appeared.
Our brand strives to reveal as many facets as possible in each girl - to show her character, feelings, to convey her mood, thoughts and spirit.
Wearing our underwear, you will not feel like a different person. Because this lingerie complements you... Only you, and it is you who gives meaning to each of our collections - it is able to emphasize your best sides.


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