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A catchy light green neon will immediately show who is the most important on this beach. Top with a short neckline, smooth symmetrical lines that follow the silhouette of the body - create the image of the Malibu lifeguard, who is always there and controls the process.

This swimsuit was able to recreate the surroundings and atmosphere of the famous TV serial, and the bright lime color recalls the cool mojito, which is an integral cocktail of all beach parties.

The top is organically combined with the Brazilian panties on a high rise in the same color, which perfectly creates the illusion of a one-piece swimsuit and complements each other. The brand logo on a wide elastic band is made to match the color of the swimsuit.

Fabric - soft mate biflex.

The biflex fabric has the ability to stretch. It is resistant to creasing, well removes moisture and in hot weather does not attract heat. Products made of this material fit snugly to the body, and this stress all petite. In its material texture silky and pleasant to the touch.