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4 swimsuit myths

Myth 1: Never wear a white bathing suit.
Fact: A white suit in a textured fabric with a thick nude lining will block any show-through.

Myth 2: The more coverage, the better.
Fact: Extra fabric can emphasize the thing you want to hide. Boy shorts, for example, can squeeze and exaggerate excess flesh, whereas a string bikini adjusts to lay flat on the skin.

Myth 3: Wear black to look slimmer.
Fact: Navy, plum, brown, and dark green do the trick, too. Vertical and diagonal stripes and tiny prints can also make the body look leaner.

Myth 4: With swimwear, buy the same size as you do in clothing.
Fact: Swimsuits are typically sized smaller than clothes because they are meant to fit snugly. You may have to go up a size or two, especially with brands targeted to juniors, such as Roxy.


5 things to do before you hit the stores

  1. Apply self-tanner a day in advance to warm up winter skin. But don’t try this on the day you plan to shop. The tanner will rub off on the fabric.
  2. Check your closet for clues as to what already works on you. Love how you look in V-necked tops? Try halter cuts. Not a solid insight? Focus on prints.
  3. Wear a seamless thong (which won’t show under swimsuits) and easy-to-remove clothing. A shift dress and slip-on flats allow for speedy changes.
  4. Allot plenty of time to shop. You don’t want to settle just because you’re in a rush. Give yourself more than a lunch hour to browse and try on.
  5. Drink a margarita (optional).


6 crucial moves to make when trying on a suit

  1. Lift your arms over your head. Does the top rise up?
  2. Bend over. Does your chest spill out the front?
  3. Lower your arms so they’re at your sides. Are your breasts coming out of the sides of the suit?
  4. Relax your shoulders. Do the straps fall off?
  5. Sit cross-legged. Does the bottom pop open or creep down in the back?
  6. Do a couple of lunges. Does the bottom ride up?

5 ways to protect your perfect suit

  1. Hand wash the suit in cool water with Dreft or a soap made for swimsuits.
  2. Clean the suit after every wearing, even if you didn’t get wet, to remove sunscreen, sweat, and body oils.
  3. Gently roll the suit (don’t wring it out) to get rid of excess water, then air-dry it away from direct sunlight.
  4. Never wear the same suit two days in a row or it will stretch. Give the garment a 24-hour rest so the spandex has time to recover its shape.
  5. Avoid leaning on rough surfaces, like rocks, cement, or wood, to prevent snags.

  Yolanda Wikie.

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