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This swimsuit is distinguished from the rest by one notable feature - it is not monochromatic. If you are tired of one color - NEON WATERMELON will solve this problem.

Small details and accent elastic at the waist are made in a bright light green color, while the main color is pink.

We were inspired by a juicy and sweet watermelon with rich red flesh and fresh green rind. The one-piece top with thin straps can be worn on its own. Brazilian fit panties are made on a high waist, a wide elastic band in the middle makes the waist streamlined and thinner, the brand logo is made to match the elastic band

Fabric - soft mate biflex.

The biflex fabric has the ability to stretch. It is resistant to creasing, well removes moisture and in hot weather does not attract heat. Products made of this material fit snugly to the body, and this stress all petite. In its material texture silky and pleasant to the touch.